Happy Halloween (Inktober 2016)


The season is upon us. I’ve been keeping busy during Inktober  and a lot of the art I’ve been producing has been horror themed, mostly by accident, I’m just a spooky dude like that. A lot of the rest has been working out ideas for my upcoming project Lumen. Here’s some of the ink drawings I’ve been doing. Most of the stuff has been on a much smaller scale but this Godzilla up first is appropriately gigantic. (Less gigantic, me in my underwear…damn, self-burn.)







Here’s some of concept art for Lumen, the dude with the triangle head mask is Esteban Vela, our hero. Those angler men from up above also belong to this project.



Getting My Hands Dirty


“I’m worst at what I do best, and for this gift  I feel blessed.”

– The guy from Pearl Jam

I like to do a lot of arty stuff. I write fiction, I write non-fiction, I draw, I color, I play guitar, I sing, I write songs, and sometimes I even perform some combination of these things.

But I can only really concentrate and practice two of these things at a time. Maybe it’s really only one but I can’t keep from getting distracted by something else while I’m working on creative stuff.

This might mean I’ll never be a master at anything I work at, but it also might mean I’m constantly getting a ideas on new ways to approach creating.

More and more I see how all these things can bleed into one another. I can be thinking about song structure and how a pre-chorus builds anticipation or misleads before the explosion of the real thing and bam, it will make me think about how I’m putting together the plot of a novel. It’s all connected, even if that connection is all in my head, it’s all the same to me.

So anyway, I’ve been neglecting my art for a few weeks (I had a music show to do) and it was really satisfying to buy a new pilot parallel pen (I junked my old one switching it to a waterproof ink) and just fucking around and moving some dark shapes around the canvas.





Drawing and music can be the most calming things I do. I can lose myself in them so completely and I love that act of disappearing. Writing is more satisfying in the sense of the feeling of accomplishment when I’ve put together a piece and reworked it to the point where I think it’s ready to give to the reader.

Alright, time to get back to the page. Words and pictures this time.



Jeff VanderMeer Approves and Uses Some of My Southern Reach Trilogy Art!

If you haven’t read The Southern Reach Trilogy yet by Jeff VanderMeer you’re doing yourself a disservice as a reader. Here’s a piece of art I made inspired by the first book Annihilation and the entity described therein only as “The Crawler.”

crawler blue blue

I showed Jeff the art online and he thought it was cool then he featured it on his website along with his new tour dates. And that rocks. It’s really a nice feeling knowing that the author himself dug my piece. Here’s his post.