This town needs an enema.

Daniel is funny

Tony McMillen, from Tony and Daniel: Popping Culture, joined me for a conversation about our mutual love for Tim Burton’s Batman films, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman, and Michael Keaton’s DJ skills.

Daniel: I’m going to start this off with something that I’m missing: a depiction of what it was like to see Tim Burton’s Batman when it was released. I was about two months old at the time, but I know that you, being a little older and wiser, could possibly remember what it was like to see that movie in theaters.

Did you? And if so, how was it? What was the vibe of the audience? I don’t necessarily want your thoughts on the film yet, but what was it like to be alive during the summer of “Batmania?”

Tony: I was 9 years old that summer in ’89 and I remember seeing Batman in the…

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