There is a lot of music in my novel Nefarious Twit. A lot. So here are some more of the songs featured in my novel and why I picked them for inclusion.

If they turn my book into a fucking movie someday here’s the damn tracklisting:


An early, menacing Stones’ cut that plays as Lou and The Blonde take their walk.

Depeche Mode, “Stripped”

The Mode make their second appearance in this book at the strip club in Mexico. Just as Rick and Pagan Jim are watching Miss Nina Pinta Santa Maria hit the stage with her particular brand of (the) passion.

Jane’s Addiction, “Up the Beach”

While the opening track from Nothing’s Shocking does not “appear” in the novel it is the title of Chapter 22.

Guided By Voices, “Tractor Rape Chain”

A really beautiful and bent song that makes me think of driving on the road towards something maybe even worse than what you’re already leaving behind. “Parallel lines on a slow decline.” Makes a lot of sense for this story.


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